Folding boxes

Our high-quality and versatile folding boxes offer your products the best possible protection and shine with an individual look. Order your folding box today in our smart configurator and your desired product will be with you within a few working days! 

  • The folding box - what is it actually? 

    Palamo folding boxes are made of sturdy cardboard. The folding boxes are characterized by an attractive appearance that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Our folding boxes are versatile and adaptable - you can use them for a wide variety of products.

Palamo's boxes are delivered collapsed and then folded into their ready-to-use state either by hand or with a machine. This is another important advantage of the folding box concept: you can save a lot of space - especially in the phase between production and use.

The folding box originated in the USA - the first boxes of this type were produced there in 1839. From 1879, they were cut and punched by machines. 

The boxes are used, among others, in the cosmetics industry and for packaging various food products. The Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps is ideal for cosmetic products, while the hinged box is ideal for food products.  

The concept is also used in the fashion industry, for example as packaging for shoes. In most cases, the shoes are packed in telescope boxes, which you know from your everyday life as a typical shoe box.  


Our folding boxes - Stable and visually appealing 


Folding boxes need to have some important characteristics to help you get the most out of them. These include:  

  • Marketing effects 
  • High quality design 
  • Sustainability 

The eye buys with 

When marketing your products, our packaging allows you to highlight your brand, your logo and, of course, your product. To make this work, you have the option of having our folding boxes printed all over. This feature gives you a high-quality and classy look.  


For example, you have the option of printing a picture of the product on the box so that your customers get a first impression of your article. Alternatively, you can use the colors of your CI for an inscription. A well-rounded overall image when unpacking your products increases the likelihood that a one-time consumer will become a regular customer. At the end of your order, simply upload your print design as a PDF file and we will take care of the implementation. You will find all the information you need on how to create your die-cutting outline in in our print data

Finishing Touches  

Before this last step, you still have the opportunity to let your folding box shine in a particularly high-quality look. After all, you are convinced of your products, and your items should of course be delivered in packaging with a high-quality look.  

That's why you can choose a varnish and a protective laminate for your folding cartons - both are available from us in a matte look and a glossy version. Alternatively, you can choose the softtouch option for the laminate, which gives your product a special feel.   


Sustainability is also important to us - as it is to more and more people in society. That is why we have selected the materials for our folding cartons to meet the requirements for environmentally friendly production of packaging materials. 

Palamo - your flexible partner 

Palamo knows exactly what companies of all sizes need. These include high efficiency and a certain degree of flexibility - the latter applies especially when your customers need a delivery as quickly as possible.  

We support you in this flexibility. We provide you with prompt and goal-oriented advice. In addition, the Smart Configurator allows you to tell us your requirements and wishes during your order in a well-structured way and with just a few clicks.    

It does not matter whether your business already has high sales figures. We will support you in any situation. You can also order smaller quantities from us, which has some advantages in the start-up phase of your company and helps you to ensure smooth processes and adjust to new situations.  

In addition, we offer you the possibility to receive samples. The samples are already produced folding boxes and give you a first impression of the product. To receive an individual sample, set the order quantity in the Smart configurator to 1 and also specify whether the folding box should be printed, which laminate you want and which varnish you need. The price for the sample is displayed in the configurator. The amount you spend here will be credited to you as soon as you have placed the order for production

Folding boxes for your requirements

Basically, at Palamo you have the choice between the most different types of folding boxes. These include:  

- Pillow boxes
- Hanging boxes
- Hinged boxes
- Bag boxes
- Carry handle boxes
- Inverted boxes
- Cake boxes
- Slipcases 

For each product a box 

Each of these box types is optimal for certain products. For example, you can use a Slip box with lid if you are in the fashion industry and sell shoes. The hinged box is also ideal for this purpose. Hanging boxes, as you might have guessed from the name, are ideal for products that you want to place on a sales display in your store.  

This saves space and offers your customers a special way of presentation. Cake boxes, on the other hand, are ideal for packaging baked goods. Slipcases is used, among other things, for selling electronic devices. Carry handle boxes with insertable bottom are suitable for display or as a gift box, Bag boxes with insertable bottom for pharmaceuticals or industrial products.  

Construction types - your boxes in detail 

Besides the individual types, the construction of the boxes differ from each other, which is why you can find some of the models in our store in several variants. Specifically, it is the construction of the bottom of the respective box.  

Among other things Palamo offers Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps. Our tuck-in flap model has the most compact design and has a closure with two dust flaps at the top and bottom. Our Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps is mainly used for the following products:  

- Medicines
- cosmetics
- tubes of all kinds
- small bottles
- electronic devices with low weight 

  • The hanging box in our assortment also has a tuck-in tab. Another popular and modern design that we offer you is the Folding box with snap lock base. As a special form of the tuck flap box, these models belong to the stronger variants of the folding box.  

  •  While you mainly pack products with a low tare weight with the tuck-in flap model, our tuck-in bottom model allows you to transport heavier items safely. Our tuck-in bottom consists of four flaps that are attached to each side and are inserted into each other when the box is assembled so that the bottom is securely closed.  


    The last type, the automatic bottom, is particularly robust and therefore ideal if you sell somewhat heavier products such as larger wine bottles. Our folding boxes with automatic bottom are also a special form of the tuck flap box. Their base is already glued during production, so that the assembly for you is as good as automatic. The box erects itself when filled - which is why the design is alternatively called a flash bottom. 

  • For each box type, you can decide yourself what height, Width and length your folding box should have using our Smart Configurator. There are sensible maximum values for your input regarding the size, which you cannot exceed.

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Materials for your folding boxes

As mentioned earlier, you also have a choice of different materials that your folding box can be made of. These include:   

  • white folding carton (different types) 
  • grass boxboard 
  • bright white cardboard 
  • brown natural cardboard 

  • Palamo offers you the white cardboard as chromo cardboard in the variants GC1 and GC2. The two options differ in thickness and weight. While the GC1 board weighs 350 grams per square meter, the GC2 weighs only 280 grams. Both options are recyclable, so they make a major contribution to sustainability.  

  • grass boxboard in turn is considered a modern and particularly sustainable material for packaging. As you might have guessed from the name, these boxes are made from dried grass. At Palamo, you can get this variant in a thickness of 350 grams per square meter. Our grass boxboard is not only recyclable, but is already made of recycled paper. 

  • The grass boxboard is a particularly sustainable cartonboard variant. During production, several hundred kilos of Co2 emissions and several thousand liters of water are saved compared to virgin fiber pulp made from wood.

  • The bright white cardboard you can choose from us is made of pure cellulose - it is called GZ cardboard. You can get this variant at Palamo in a thickness of 450 grams per square meter. Finally, you can choose brown natural cardboard, which we offer you with a weight of 400 grams per square meter. These two variants are also recyclable.  

  • Which material is ideal for you depends on your products and the image of your company. For particularly sustainable items, grass boxboard is ideal. If you want your products to have a high-quality appearance, you can use white cardboard, which you can design attractively with appropriate colored imprints. For products that require sturdy packaging, it is best to choose a heavier or stronger material variant.  

  • Palamo finishes

    Packaging is often the first impression your customer gets of your product. That's why you should also pay attention to the appearance when choosing your packaging. It is sometimes difficult for inexperienced customers to judge which product is of the best quality. It is therefore all the more important for you to package your goods in the highest possible quality so that they attract the attention and interest of your customers. 

  • In our configurator, you will therefore find various options for finishing your folding boxes. You can order our boxes with a varnish or a protective laminate. Both options are available in a glossy and a matte version.  

  • The protective laminate is also available from Palamo as softtouch, which offers a special feel. Regardless of the variant, the laminate ensures that your packaging does not get scratched and is protected from external influences. Select the respective options so that they optimally round off the overall picture that your customer should get of your product. 

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Frequently asked questions

Are our folding boxes suitable for gifts?

You can use our boxes in a smaller version optimally for give-aways to your customers. Our small quantities also allow you to attractively package gifts to your staff, for example at Christmas, with our folding boxes. 

Can our folding boxes be purchased unprinted? 

If required, you can order our folding boxes completely without printing, regardless of your material selection. All you have to do is click on the "unprinted"option when selecting Colourin our Smart Configurator. If you choose one of our unprinted formats, you can still personalize the box with a separate label. We will be happy to advise you on this!

  • As already mentioned, the various folding box models are among the packaging top sellers par excellence. The reasons for this lie in their easy handling, universal applicability and low price. Folding cartons have therefore become the classics in the field of product packaging. At Palamo, there are 14 different variants alone, which we would like to present to you in more detail here.

    Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps

    This variant is the classic among folding boxes. Due to its particularly easy handling, simple construction and cost-efficient production, this model is probably even more widespread than any other variant. The Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps is not only ideal for manual erecting, but can also be processed very well by machine.

    Folding box with snap lock base

    The Folding box with snap lock base has a special feature: the collapsible base. This is very easy to handle. Therefore, you can use the packaging especially if your packages are assembled by hand and you want to distribute large quantities of a product in a short time.

    Folding box with crash-lock base

    Just as stable, but even easier to handle, is the Folding box with crash-lock base. This system is also called a flash or patent bottom. Accordingly, you can also use it for larger product batches and even save a little more time.

    Cushion box

    Another very smart variant is the pillow box. Due to its shape, it is ideal for wrapping presents or smaller products. It is not infrequently used for confectionery and similar products.

    Hanging box with tuck-in flap

    Just as practical as the Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps, but equipped with a special feature is the hanging box with insert tab. Thanks to the Euro perforation, these boxes can be hung up at any POS that has the standardized system commonly used in Europe: the Euro hook. The box is therefore ideal if you want to implement an individual and space-saving product presentation in your store.

    Rollover hinged lid with hook

    Hinged boxes are the undisputed kings when it comes to unboxing because of the way they open. The safety flap also ensures that the boxes do not open unintentionally and damage the product. This makes them particularly suitable for delicate and sensitive items, while at the same time offering your customers a special level of convenience.

    Gable box with snap-lock base

    This model combines the extremely stable base with plug-in system with a practical and visually appealing bag shape. Especially the latter helps you to make a positive first impression on your customers. Therefore, the box is suitable, among other things, for particularly high-quality products from various areas.

    Gable box with crash-lock base

    Same look, easier handling: the Gable box with crash-lock base has the same bottom system as the Folding box with crash-lock base. The pouch boxes with automatic bottom thus combine convenience with extensive marketing opportunities.

    Carrying handle box with snap-lock base

    The tried-and-tested push-fit base system is also available in combination with carry handle boxes. You can use this variant if you sell products at the POS and want to make it easier for your customers to carry them home.

    Carryhandle boxes with automatic base

    For all those who would like to make the pleasant handling of the carry handle box even easier and more appealing, the carrying handle box with crash-lock base is ideally suited. It folds up particularly quickly and is easy to carry, offering you and your customers two major and important advantages in one.

    Telescope box - lid

    In the telescope box, the lid is put over the bottom. In combination with the bottom, the box is a very simple solution. Your customers can easily open it with one hand. The telescope carton is therefore particularly suitable if you attach great importance to the convenience of your packaging.

    Telescope box - bottom piece

    This telescope box offers similar advantages as the Telescope box - lid. However, the print is not placed on the lid, but on the bottom, which you can use as a small surprise effect for the unboxing. It is ideal if you want to make your marketing a little more elegant and less superficial.

    Cake packaging

    As you might have guessed from the name, the Cake packaging is ideal for transporting cakes. It is also ideal for packaging other baked goods such as donuts.


    Slipcases are ideally suited as outer packaging. They can be printed all over and combined with other unprinted packaging. So Slipcases is ideal for you if you are looking for flexible packaging that you can use in different ways for your products.

  • Industries - For which products are our folding boxes used?

    Over the years, the folding carton has become one of the most popular packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries.

    It is hard to imagine the food industry in particular without these simple cartons. Whether noodles, cornflakes, breadcrumbs, dumpling dough, pulses or chocolate - there is hardly any foodstuff for which our folding boxes would not be suitable.

    But these packages are also very popular in the non-food sector - whether as outer packaging for eyeglass cleaning cloths and dishwashing sponges or as product packaging for dishwasher tabs as well as candles, folding boxes are used.

    Another sector that makes very heavy use of folding boxes is the pharmaceutical industry. Hardly any medicine is not supplied in the practical packaging variant. In addition, folding boxes can be optimally used for cosmetic and natural products. In both cases, you have the opportunity to design a box that matches the product and thus implement even more targeted marketing.

You are looking for a folding box that brings many advantages for your business and can be optimally adapted to your product?
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  • Sustainable folding boxes from Palamo  

    Palamo attaches great importance to the environmental compatibility of its products. You can see this already at a first glance at our material selection. For your folding boxes from Palamo you can choose the following variants:

    - white chromo board
    - bright white board
    - brown natural board
    - grass boxboard

    Brown natural cardboard has several advantages with a view to sustainability. The material is fully recyclable and thus contributes an important part to more environmental protection. In addition, the color and feel make your packaging look very environmentally friendly - ideal if you want to sell products with a focus on sustainability and score points with the relevant target group.

    We also offer grass paper as an option in our selection. This material has a big advantage over many other options that can be used for the production of folding boxes with a view to sustainable properties.

    Our grass boxboard is made from already recycled paper and is recyclable again. So in a sense, it is doubly sustainable. In addition, the production of grass paper saves large amounts of water consumption and CO2 emissions compared to other materials. In short, implementing more sustainability with the use of a particular material is hardly possible.

    Yet the grass boxboard is a real trend material that has not been on the market that long. It is assumed that cardboard will be a real alternative in the future.

  • The optimal print for your folding box

    The print image plays an important, if not central, role in ensuring that you score points with your customers with your folding carton. The higher the quality of the print, the higher the quality of the box and thus the first impression of your product.

    At Palamo, we rely on two different printing technologies: Offset and digital printing. Both technologies have their strengths. Offset printing, for example, has proven itself over a long period of time. With this type of printing, large print runs can be printed in a high quality without any problems.

    But digital printing also has many advantages. For one thing, there is the possibility of reducing costs. This is especially true if, for example, you want to change the design again. With digital technology, there are no additional material costs for printing utensils.

    Digital printing also gives you the opportunity to print small quantities at an affordable price. This is particularly relevant for you, for example, if you are only in the early stages of your business or want to sell products for enthusiasts in a limited edition.

    In addition, you can use digital printing if you want to accommodate small variations in the same basic design of the box. Besides a serial number, this could include customer-oriented gimmicks such as personal greetings or the like. With digital printing, such wishes can be implemented easily and flexibly.

    Digital printing technology also offers high quality. You can use it, for example, to print photos on the folding box. The pictures give your customers an even more precise impression of your product.

  • Folding boxes and shipping cartons according to standards

    We use many common constructions for our folding boxes. One of them is the automatic bottom. You will also find this variant in our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, which are categorized according to the so-called FEFCO codes. The same applies to the construction of the flap lid.

    FEFCO codes are issued by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers. The aim is to ensure certain quality standards and also to create an international comparability.

    In our assortment you can find the most different shipping boxes according to certain FEFCO codes. The hinged lid is an important part of our hinged lid carton according to FEFCO 0427 as well as the hinged lid carton with adhesive strip according to FECCO 0885. The automatic bottom can also be found in one of our shipping carton models. It is part of the folding carton according to FEFCO 0713.

    You have a rough idea of the optimal folding carton for your purposes, but need more information about smaller details? Contact us today and together we will find the ideal solution for your needs!

  • The optimal folding box for your purposes

    Our folding cartons fulfill a wide variety of functions that help you create the ideal consumer experience for your customers. Because in addition to the product itself, details such as the packaging always play an important role. Among other things, relevant are:

    - the marketing through the packaging
    - the protection through the packaging
    - an individual design with suitable and effective finishes

  • Ideal marketing with our folding boxes

    Our folding boxes offer you a wide range of options for implementing optimum marketing. This already starts with the selection. This gives you the opportunity to think in detail about which of our boxes is best suited to your product and can thus create a round overall picture.

    There are almost no limits to creativity. Are you looking for a box for small gifts to your customers or for sweets? Then the pillow box is certainly a suitable variant that you can use.

    With its high-quality and elegant shape, it once again highlights the exciting content that you are packaging with the box. If you want to achieve a marketing effect through the possibility of a particularly easy unboxing, folding boxes, for example, are ideal for your purposes.

    The high-quality print options from Palamo offer you the possibility of upgrading the look even more extensively. Whether pictures, exciting information or simple and catchy slogans: All these options for the design of the imprint on your folding box help you to catch the eye of potential new customers or to bind customers permanently to your company.

  • Adequate protection for your products

    In addition, the folding boxes offer good and extensive protection for your products. This is due, among other things, to the materials used. Especially the heavier grammages of the chromo cardboard or the brown natural cardboard are particularly stable.

    This function is reinforced by the base and closure constructions that you will find in our folding box range. The push-fit base and the automatic base in particular stand out for their high stability, which prevents your products from falling out or slipping through. The latter also allows you to assemble your folding box very quickly.

    A stable construction is particularly important here. After all, you can prevent the product from being damaged due to unstable packaging and your customers' buying experience from suffering.

    But the closure design is also relevant. Here, as with the base, there should be particular stability. Palamo is aware of this and has therefore paid attention to detail in the design of the folding boxes.

    For example, our folding box has a safety tab that helps to securely close the lid with the box. The tab is inserted into a suitably designed slot in the box. This is not only useful for initial packaging - your customers can also safely reseal the packaging, which also contributes to a high level of convenience.


  • Finishes according to your wishes - reinforcement for your marketing and protection of the box

    At the end of the design process, you have another opportunity to round off the overall image. In this way, the marketing function and the protective function for Palamo's finishes can be strengthened.

    The varnish and the protective laminate ensure, on the one hand, that the printed image is improved somewhat. The lettering and images on your packaging will be clearer and appear higher quality, which can help you attract the attention of more potential customers. In addition, the finishes protect your box from damage caused by external influences, which can also contribute to a successful buying experience.

  • Details on your final folding box decision

    To choose the right box for you and your purposes, you should pay attention to details and know the most important criteria. For example, if you produce and sell sustainable products, it makes sense to choose packaging that matches them.

    In this case, Palamo's grass boxboard is ideal for you. This is true both with a view to its properties, as well as in terms of look and feel. In addition, you should consider which of the folding boxes is sufficiently stable to safely package your product.

    It is worth taking a look at the thickness and grammage. The greater these two values are, the more stable the material is as a logical consequence. If you are looking for a suitable shipping carton instead of a folding box, we have listed in our "Materials" tab which option specifically offers which load capacity.

  • Insights into important criteria for the production of folding cartons

    Small details are often important in the production of folding cartons. For example, Palamo offers two variants for punching out the respective cardboard shapes, which bring individual advantages. The two options are:

    - Cutting with the help of a laser

    - Conventional die cutting

    Conventional die cutting with a sharp die cutter is a particularly effective method. It allows large quantities of a particular packaging shape to be punched out in a short time. Laser die cutting, on the other hand, is more suitable for smaller runs, as it takes a little more time. At the same time, this method is somewhat more flexible in its application.

    In addition, as already mentioned, Palamo offers two printing technologies: Offset printing and laser printing. A suitable decision is also necessary and useful here, so that you can get the best possible result for your needs in a short time.

  • The production of your folding boxes at Palamo

    The production process consists of several steps, which may differ slightly depending on the specific type of folding carton. However, many parts of the process are the same for the majority of our folding boxes.

    For example, the boxes are creased as part of the production process - it is precisely at these creases that they can be folded later. In addition, the shapes of the packaging are punched out. As already mentioned, this step is carried out with a laser or a sharp punching tool. The punched parts are then glued to fit.

    If you want to print your boxes, the appropriate inks are filled in for offset printing. In addition, the appropriate printing plates are placed in the machine. For digital printing, on the other hand, we use the roll printing variant.


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  • How to order your folding box from Palamo

    As already mentioned, we at Palamo attach great importance to a comprehensive and goal-oriented service. Therefore, we would like to guide you briefly through the individual steps of the ordering process in our Smart Configurator. For our folding boxes, the criteria that you can enter here are the same, apart from the individual possible dimensions of the box types.

    In a first step, you specify the quantity of folding boxes you need in our Smart Configurator. You have a free choice. If you would like to have a sample first, set this number to 1.

    In the next steps, you select the height, Width and length of your folding box. Here you should make sure that the respective dimensions fit your product so that you don't end up with a folding box that is too big or too small. Our individual samples are ideal for finding out realistically which dimensions you need for your goods.

    In the next step, you select the material for your fold ing box. You can choose between white cardboard in two different grammages, bright white cardboard, grass boxboard and brown natural cardboard.

    Think about which of the materials best suits your needs and choose accordingly - of course you can also contact us and we will advise you individually. Then decide on a particular Colour for your folding box. You can choose from:

    - unprinted
    - 4-color Euroscale
    - 4/0-color Euroscale + white

    In the next step, you select the appropriate finishes. This can be a varnish or a protective laminate, which you can get from us in a matte and a glossy version. If a special feel is important to you, you should opt for our soft-touch protective laminate. Of course, you can also decide not to use any finishing.

    You can also choose the type of die-cutting. You have the option of choosing only the conventional variant or all the possibilities that Palamo offers in this regard.

    Then you can select a print data check , which we will perform for a small additional charge. We also offer you a choice of production and delivery times. You can choose between a total of 12 working days or 8 working days.

    If you need a particularly fast delivery, we offer you the option of having your folding boxes produced at Palamo within 3 working days and sent by express delivery. Finally, by providing your email address, you can receive a die that matches your specifications. At the very end of your order, you upload your print data as a PDF file.

  • Similar products from Palamo and possible combinations

    As already mentioned, there are some products that combine well with our folding boxes or are similar to them. Some of our shipping boxes are built on the same principles as the folding boxes.

    If you want to sell both stationary in a store and online, you can use folding boxes for the former and shipping boxes for the latter. In addition, you have the option of combining our labels with the folding boxes.

    In this way, you can, for example, stick your logo on the box again in a particularly eye-catching way and thus ensure that it remains in the customer's memory. Alternatively, you can use the labels to place the prices on the folding box.

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