Rollover hinged lid with hook

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Produktion & Lieferung

- 10 business days + 2 business days delivery
- 6 workdays + 2 workdays delivery
- 3 workdays + express delivery


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Phone: +49 322 152 104 00

Please enter the total quantity of your folding boxes here. The smallest order quantity is 1 piece. For a sample you set the quantity to 1 - we will charge the costs with the first batch you order from us.

Your folding box can be printed on the outside in 4-color Euroscale (+ white). For printing on both sides, please contact our customer service.

The outside of your folding box needs a varnish or protective laminate. The varnish provides light protection for the printed image. The protective laminate offers greater protection against environmental influences and a special feel (matt / glossy / soft-touch).

You can choose a production time of 10 and 6 business days, delivery in 2 business days. The option of express production and delivery in 3 business days is only possible with the 280 gram GC2 cardboard.

We work from Monday to Friday. The only exceptions are the German holidays.

You can select the following properties of your folding box:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

Your specifications refer to the inner dimensions of the packaging. Please note that not all values can be combined with each other.

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Rollover hinged lid with hook

Rollover hinged lid with hook

Table of contents

  1. One click - optimal protection
  2. The Rollover hinged lid with hook - more than safe transport
  3. Palamo: your partner in packaging
  4. Always the same and yet different
  5. Strong materials for strong products
  6. Finishes and additional options - how to get the most out of your folding box

  • Rollover hinged lid with hook

    Our Rollover hinged lid with hook helps you to pack your products attractively and safely. At the same time, it's ideal for you if you want to offer your customers extra convenience when unpacking. Use our smart configurator and customize a secure flip box to your requirements at Palamo today!

  • One click - optimal protection

    First and foremost, shipping and product packaging must provide reliable protection for the goods it contains. However, handling on the customer side is also an important factor that you should consider.

    There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, the unboxing experience should be as frustration-free as possible for your buyer. The more joy you create when unboxing the ordered product, the more positivity is transferred to your brand and your products.

    Our Rollover hinged lid with hook does just that, but has another important advantage: the plug-in closure. This ensures that the goods inside the packaging are transported and stored safely.

    Another advantage of Rollover hinged lid with hook is handling. If a carton is damaged during opening, it can no longer offer the same protection in the event of a return as it did on its way to your customer.

Printed hinged box

If a return is sent back because you do not like it, it is important for you as a retailer that the goods are returned to the warehouse undamaged. There it can be offered for sale again after a short preparation. Damaged packaging can cause damage to the product, making it unsaleable in the worst case. So you pay shipping for a product that is subsequently disposed of. This causes double costs, which our Rollover hinged lid with hook can avoid. With its plug-in closure, it ensures at all times that the contents inside the box are kept safe. So our flip-top box with security tab is a brand ambassador and protector in one.


The Rollover hinged lid with hook - more than safe transport

Available in many variations

You can get the Rollover hinged lid with hook from us in various designs. The details and possible customizations that Palamo offers you have many advantages. These are, among other things, options in the areas of:


At Palamo you can choose between several types of cardboard. For example, we carry chromo cardboard made from virgin fibers or brown natural cardboard. Of course, there are even more materials to choose from.

This includes the grass boxboard. This is made of recycled grass paper and has a convincing green look. The bright white cardboard, on the other hand, has a noble look and is therefore ideally suited for more exclusive products. By the way: All the materials we use for our folding boxes are recyclable.


At Palamo you have the possibility to print your Rollover hinged lid with hook all over. You can choose between offset and digital printing technology. The difference lies in the way of printing.

In offset printing, a physical printing forme is created for each color. This ensures outstanding quality of the printed image, but is inflexible and only cost-effective for larger quantities.

The quality of digital printing is almost as high, but here the print data is delivered purely digitally. This has several advantages: The costs for creating a printing form are eliminated. Furthermore, adjustments can also be made within a print series.

Perfect for you, for example, if you want to print packaging with a consecutive serial number. You can find more information about digital and offset printing in our blog.


If you need additional protection for your Rollover hinged lid with hook or want to enhance its appearance, Palamo offers you two finishing options. You can either finish them with a varnish or cover them with a protective laminate. Both options increase the scratch resistance of your box and make the colors of the print shine even brighter.

Palamo: your partner in packaging

With us you get everything from one source. In addition to our packaging, we also carry useful add-ons such as inlays or Slipcases. In addition, we offer a Width range of different labels, which can also be combined very well with our cardboard and box products. No matter what you need in which variant to drive your business forward: We have the right answers to your questions and the ideal packaging for your products

Through our individual consultation, you will also receive competent help from our team in every step of your order. We are available for you and help you with the configuration of your order. If you order your packaging materials from us, you also save shipping costs, time and coordination effort

In addition, we offer you samples and patterns. The samples are available free of charge upon request. For the samples, you specify the parameters you need in the Smart Configurator and set the number to 1. We will charge you the corresponding costs when you order the first batch of this product.  

You want to know what our team can do?
Then contact our competent employees with your packaging questions. We will be happy to advise you.

  • Always the same and yet different 

    The basic equipment and structure of the hinged lid box is always the same. In each case, it has the additional closure flaps and the plug-in closure. However, you can personalize it as you need in terms of size, material, printing and finishing. 

    In our configurator you have the possibility to combine everything in the range from 40 to 700 mm in length, 27 to 400 in Width and 15 to 400 mm in height. Regarding the material, you have a wide choice.  

    From brown natural cardboard to chromo cardboard made from virgin fibers, Palamo offers you a wide variety of materials. When it comes to finishes, you can choose either a coating with a varnish or a laminate .  

  • Strong materials for strong products 

    To ensure that you always find the right material for your products at Palamo, we have several options for you to choose from.

  • white folding carton 

    Our chromo board is made from virgin fibers that make it very durable. It convinces with a simple and cool look and at the same time a favorable price. Due to the white color it offers the optimal basis for various designs, which you can develop and print according to your ideas.  

    The white cardboard is available in two variants. The GC1 board has a grammage of 350 g/m² and a thickness of 0.57 millimeters. It is white on both sides, with the reverse side having a rough surface.  

    The GC2 board, in turn, has a somewhat lighter grammage of 280 g/m² and is only 0.52 millimeters thick. The front side, which is on the outside, is also white, but the reverse side is beige.  

Hinged box different varieties

Our bright white GZ board shines in the truest sense of the word with a noble look. Due to its particularly smooth surface and the white color, it offers you perfect conditions for a radiant and shiny image.  

Like GC2 board, this material is 0.52 millimeters thick, but has a particularly strong grammage of 450 g/m². You can use the bright white cardboard if you want to sell particularly exclusive products

Inside and outside printed hinged box

The brown natural cardboard, on the other hand, offers a natural look with which you can convey the importance of sustainability for you and your company to your customers at first glance.  

At the same time, it shines with a simple look that many of your customers will certainly already be familiar with from the packaging world. At 0.56 millimeters, the brown natural cardboard is particularly thick, and at the same time it has a grammage of 400 g/m².  

  • grass boxboard 

    Palamo's grass boxboard is not only recyclable, but at the same time made from already recycled grass paper. In addition to a natural look for a sustainable and environmentally friendly impression on your buyers, it offers a particularly pleasant feel

    With a grammage of 350 g/m², it is one of the lighter options in our range, and at 0.52 millimeters it is also comparatively thin.  

Grass paper has many advantages. For one thing, grass grows faster than wood, which leads to a special level of sustainability. In addition, the raw material does not require any chemical treatment in the production of the paper, which also protects the environment.
  • Finishes and additional options - how to get the most out of your folding box 

    As already mentioned, Palamo offers various finishing options. You cancoat your Rollover hinged lid with hook with a varnish or cover it with a laminate

Natural cardboard folding box

Both options are available in matte and glossy. Alternatively, you can choose the soft-touch version of the protective laminate, which has a special feel and offers your customers a little extra.  

The laminate has even slightly better protective properties than the varnish and is especially recommended if your packaging has to withstand a lot. It can help protect your boxes from damage caused by external factors such as scratches.  

Hinged box for dog food

Both options also enhance the printed image, which also makes the look more refined. This has the advantage that your customers can better recognize and read the inscriptions and your logo shines in a special brilliance. 

For all questions about our products and services, the Palamo team is at your disposal. We look forward to hearing from you.