Our roll labels are true all-rounders. At Palamo, you can configure your labels according to your ideas: Rectangular or round, made of foil or paper, printed or unprinted: Use our Smart Configurator and we will produce your labels on demand in just 48 hours!

  • With their versatile properties, our labels are not only convincing as information carriers, they also convey your brand values, your CI-compliant design as well as product information or application examples. They identify your goods and also provide your customers with a quick overview of important product information.

Thanks to our versatile choice of materials - from polypropylene and polyethylene film (PP and PE, respectively) to various types of adhesive paper - our labels can be used for any application and in any industry. It doesn't matter whether your business produces pharmaceutical, food or hygiene products.

At Palamo, you also have a wide choice of different shapes and materials. Whether you need round or square labels, our labels will fit your ideas exactly.

  • Palamo also offers a wide range of finishing options. For example, our varnish is available for additional protection of your labels against mechanical influences such as scratches or impacts. This finishing option is available in matte or glossy.

Our labels perform several functions at once:

Our labels - many functions

Marketing function

Show your customers all the important information at a glance and design them with your company logo and other CI elements to distinguish your products from those of the competition. For natural products, you can also create an all-round natural look with paper labels. Metallised labels enhance the high-quality impression of luxurious goods. In this way, they convey the right impression for every area of application. 

Protective function

As already mentioned, labels can also protect your product by being placed directly over the opening of the packaging. This way, everyone can immediately see whether the packaging has already been opened or whether the contents are intact. This function is especially important for hygiene products or food.


Our labels can be printed over the entire surface and completely according to your individual wishes. Thanks to our digital printing technology, this is not only cost-efficient - you also always have an absolutely high-quality print image. Because at Palamo, the most modern printing equipment is available to you for the production of your labels.


Applying a matte or glossy finish makes your printed image look more detailed and overall more sophisticated. It also protects it from external influences such as scratches.

Palamo is your helper in the packaging jungle

Palamo is your reliable partner when it comes to packaging solutions. With our Smart Configurator, you can configure labels and packaging the way you need them without much prior experience. But you don't have to miss out on the Width range of options. Our configurator gives you full control - with maximum overview and transparency.

Because the price of your order adjusts automatically at every step. So you can be sure that you won't exceed your budget with every order - and in addition to a wide range of customization options, you always have full cost control.

But we are particularly proud of our service and the quality of our products. Because that's the only way we always manage not only to convince our customers, but also to inspire them.

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At Palamo you will find the perfect label for every application!

We have made it our goal to be able to offer the perfect label for every industry, every product and every area of application. Therefore, they are available in a wide range of variations. First of all, you can choose between paper and plastic as the material. The paper we use is particularly sustainable. The cellulose used in its manufacture is obtained from forestry operations that meet sustainable, strictly controlled standards. We also offer plastic labels for applications where the labels need to withstand more difficult conditions, such as humidity or extreme temperatures.

Want to get your design right without compromise? At Palamo, you have a choice of two basic shapes: rectangular, round and oval. Which shape you choose is up to you. Depending on the design idea or space on your packaging, a round, oval or square label can be the best solution.

On organic wine or smoothie bottles, for example, you will often find a combination of round and square shapes. On the round label, the logo and brand design can be printed attractively. The rectangular label underneath offers enough space to accommodate quality characteristics, origin and other information. However, this is only one of many examples. There are no limits to your design capabilities here.

You can order our labels from as little as 10 pieces - but even the production of 1,000,000 labels is no problem at Palamo. There are also no limits regarding the design. Either you order your labels unprinted - or we implement your design in all colors of the Euroscale.

In addition, we can also deliver your roll labels in different winding directions. The Roll wind direction plays a role if you apply your labels with a labeling machine. Here it may be necessary - depending on the model of the machine - to wind the labels with the head, the foot, left or right first on the roll.

So before you send your order, make sure which Roll wind direction you need and then select it in our Smart Configurator. We will then deliver your individual labels in the desired variant so that you can apply them with your labeling machine without any problems.

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Whatever material you need, you'll find it here!

Our labels are available in three different materials. Simply choose the material that best suits your product and the requirements of your industry.

Paper label

The all-rounder among labels can be used flexibly almost anywhere, whether on plastic bags, cardboard boxes, metal or glass. They are made exclusively from sustainable paper. So our labels are not only perfect for your products, but also good for the environment.

The paper used for our labels is 100 percent sourced from sustainably managed forestry operations. On the one hand, this ensures that all resources are grown and used naturally and sustainably. On the other hand, it ensures that all employees are paid fairly and that other resources such as water and energy are used sparingly and in an environmentally conscious manner. The paper is also food-safe.

As standard, our paper labels are provided with a vegan permanent adhesive. However, we can also supply our all-rounders with removable adhesive on request. The same applies if you need a special Roll wind direction . This is important when applying the labels by machine - when applying them manually, the Roll wind direction does not matter. Our paper labels are only available in white.

Plastic label

Wherever special requirements have to be met, our plastic label is used. This shows its true strength in particularly harsh environments, because it is highly resistant - not only to scratches and UV radiation, but also to moisture and extremely low temperatures. That's why it's the label of choice when it comes to frozen or pharmaceutical products, for example.

Our plastic labels are made of PP and PE film and - just like their paper counterparts - are supplied on rolls. Here you can also clarify a special Roll wind direction in advance, should you need the labels for machine processing. The same applies if you need versions with removable adhesive instead of our standard vegan-based adhesive.

In contrast to our vegan standard adhesive, this has a lower adhesion. This means that labels can be removed and reapplied without leaving any residue. This is especially practical, because our reusable labels save you money. Our plastic labels are available in white and transparent.

  • Full noble - upgrade your labels!

    To enhance your labels, you can finish them with a varnish coating. This has several advantages: First, it protects the material from abrasion and scratches. First, it protects the material from abrasion and scratches, ensuring that your print and all information will remain clearly legible and available in top quality for a long time. In addition, your labels are perfectly protected from fading due to UV radiation as well as from grease and dirt.

    The varnish also contributes to an even more refined look, because the varnish brings out graphic details even better. It makes no difference whether you choose matte or high-gloss varnish .

We are ready to answer your questions. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us!

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important that labels are legible for a long time?

Clear legibility has many advantages that are important for logistical and marketing reasons. In logistics, labels are used to provide a variety of information. This data is not stored in text form, but as QR or bar codes. These codes must be able to be read by scanners without interference, even after a long period of time. Therefore, it is of great importance from a technical point of view alone that the print does not rub off and is well protected against scratches. For this reason, we recommend finishing in the form of a protective coating for logistics labels.

In marketing, on the other hand, great importance is attached to ensuring that slogans, logos, and application and usage information can be easily read by consumers. This plays an even greater role when it comes to people who consume consciously and want to find out about the ingredients before buying. Therefore, it is always of particular importance that the information on your labels is easy to read over a longer period of time.

For which industries are Palamo labels suitable?

Due to the high degree of personalisation possible in terms of shape, material and protective finish, our labels are suitable for every company. Whether for the food industry, for pharmacological products or as shipping labels - our labels feel at home in every industry.

What configuration options do I have with Palamo?

Thanks to our smart configurator, you have a wide range of personalization options with us. This concerns not only size, format and material, but also the print, the finishing or the direction of the winding.

What does the Roll wind direction mean for labels?

What does Roll wind direction mean for labels? The Roll wind direction is relevant when you apply your labels using a labeling machine. Since the labels are supplied on a roll that is inserted into this machine, you only have one option for applying them. If you apply labels by hand, you can always decide anew in which orientation you want to apply the label after peeling it off.

Our labels in use

As already mentioned, our labels are true all-rounders and it is impossible to imagine the business cycle without them. Providing information is one of the most important functions our labels perform. To be able to guarantee this, they must be resistant and the information printed on them must be clearly legible over a long period of time.

  • Consumer information

    In today's world, it is more important than ever for consumers around the world to be able to obtain accurate information about ingredients. The first place to look is the label. The most important information about allergens and other important components of the product can be indicated on it. The sooner such information can be found, the sooner the purchase decision can be positively influenced.

    But application instructions are also an elementary component when consumers are looking for the right product for them. Whether it's application times for care products or preparation instructions for food - transparent communication of such information in a prominent position provides a quick and effective incentive to buy.

  • Closure

    Especially in the field of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or food, it is important to be able to offer customers a hygienically flawless product. Labels give the customer the certainty that their desired product is not contaminated.

  • Codes

    Less important for consumers, but indispensable in the field of logistics and merchandise management, is the storage of large amounts of information by means of bar or QR codes. By scanning such a code, data in very large quantities can be transmitted, read and interpreted within milliseconds. Automated links are used to update inventories, assign packages to their specific storage location, and check food for shelf life - to name just a few of many application examples.

  • Warnings

    In industry in particular, labels fulfill a vital additional function. They clearly indicate possible hazards from ingredients or show how a product must be transported. Especially where many different chemicals are stored, transported or processed, they are indispensable from a legal point of view alone.

    The labeling obligation is clearly regulated in the GHS regulation. It also defines the respective symbols, which are used in a standardized manner everywhere. This ensures at international level that important warnings are understood everywhere. Labels are thus a fundamental pillar of global industry.

  • Chemical industry

    This is where labels made of plastic film can show what they're made of. Unlike their paper counterparts, film labels are extremely durable - and on many fronts.

    For example, the material is insensitive to moisture and UV radiation. This plays a particularly important role when transporting goods by sea. Deliveries here are often en route for several weeks. It must therefore be ensured that labels are not damaged or become illegible or completely detached by the permanent sunlight and the humid sea air, which also contains salt.

  • Food industry

    In this sector, however, paper labels are usually the better choice. The material can be used without hesitation for indirect contact with food. When used as a closure for fresh produce, they are easier to tear than labels made of film. Paper labels also send a better signal for organic products. For those who are actively interested in organically diversified products, sustainability is an important issue. Companies can use recyclable paper labels to show that they share the same values as their customers.

  • Hygiene and cosmetic articles

    Paper labels can also be a good choice for these products - especially if they are natural products. Here, the feel of the label can already positively influence a purchase decision. In this industry, however, design aspects also play a major role. Aesthetics can be a decisive factor for consumers.

  • Logistics sector

    Here, the focus is on reliability, trouble-free processes and timings. Labels are an essential mainstay here. They enable large volumes of data to be read and processed reliably and automatically in the shortest possible time. With the help of barcodes or QR codes, goods are assigned to their destination and their movements are stored in the system.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Palamo packaging team.
Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Labels for future

    Our paper labels are not only all-rounders, but also conservationists. The material comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. These forestry operations are subject to strict controls - with regard to environmental-technical as well as social-social standards.

    All our products that come from sustainable forestry operations are true environmental heroes. Not only do they help conserve the planet's resources, but they also show it to your customers. Especially for sustainable natural products, our paper labels are the best choice. With their environmentally friendly properties, they are also perfect for labeling biodiverse foods or natural cosmetics. 

    Another argument that can positively influence the purchase decision for environmentally conscious consumers is our standard adhesive. It is particularly strong and adheres permanently. What's more, it is completely vegan. This means that no animal products are used in production or in any other part of the value chain. For sustainably oriented customers, this sends out several signals at once. In this way, they support animal welfare - an argument that is becoming increasingly important for many buyers in today's world.

    Increased reporting has generated a new level of attention on this topic, especially in recent years. Our labels score with their vegan adhesive all along the line. However, the advantages are even more far-reaching, because animal husbandry consumes raw materials and generates CO2. So our labels have a very low carbon footprint, saving resources and protecting the environment. All these factors can also send positive signals in marketing. Just let our labels speak for your company values.

  • Labels that withstand any pressure

    Whether for packaging or labels - the quality of the printed image is of great importance. Not only information is passed on to your customers through printing, but also your CI. To ensure that your brand logo, your claim or your visual language shines in the best quality, we rely on state-of-the-art printing machines and technologies as well as on employees with many years of professional experience. So you always get the best quality from us.

    In general, we at Palamo use two different printing processes for printing our packaging solutions, digital printing and offset printing technology. For label printing, we exclusively use digital printing technology.

    With digital printing, the print data is delivered and read via data transfer. There is no need to create a physical printing form, which makes the process more flexible and cost-effective. For example, it is possible to make adjustments within a series - for example, if there is an error in the print data or adjustments are necessary for other reasons. Individual series printing can also be implemented cost-effectively with digital printing. This is particularly advantageous if, for example, a consecutive serial number is to be printed within a print series.

    We offer offset printing as another option for the design of packaging such as folding boxes or shipping cartons. This is an indirect printing process. This means that the printing plate and carrier do not come into direct contact, but rather via a so-called blanket cylinder.

    This has two advantages: Firstly, it protects the physical printing plate, and secondly, it allows many different materials to be printed, from paper to glass. The print image is therefore of the very best quality. Since the cost of creating the printing plate for offset printing is only worthwhile above a certain order quantity, digital printing technology is particularly suitable for smaller runs. The quality of the printed image is almost as high as that of offset printing.

  • Formats? You have the choice

    You need labels in certain formats? No problem! With our label configurator you have full control over the dimensions of your desired label.

    Round and oval labels are available from Palamo starting at a height of 10 mm and a Width of 10 mm. The maximum values for round and oval labels are 300 mm in height and 314 mm at Width .

    With our square labels, you have the same range of minimum and maximum values. So you can configure all your labels exactly the way you need them - no matter what shape you need them in.

  • No matter what comes - our labels handle it!

    Due to their flexibility, Palamo labels are great all-rounders and can be used in so many different ways. The areas of application already mentioned cover only a part of what our labels can do.

    Operating labels
    Complex and high-tech machines are used in industry. These are often operated by different employees. Companies use operating labels to prevent application errors. These show exactly how the machine must be started up and exactly what the work steps are. It is important here that the print is legible for a long time and that the labels do not peel off - for example through contact with oil or grease.

    Labels in administration
    In offices, clear structures are required in order to be able to guarantee a smooth process. Labels can have many different functions here. Some examples are blank labels that can be written on as required or organizational labels on which processes, assignments or instructions are noted. But they are also used as safety labels, for example to mark non-smoking or smoking areas, the locations of fire extinguishers or to indicate emergency exits and fire escapes.

    Labels History
    Did you know that self-adhesive labels have been around since the 1930s? They were invented by the Avery Dennison Corporation in the USA. At that time, they were looking for a solution to apply labels by machine in large quantities. After the company developed self-adhesive labels on rolls, however, it took another 20 years before this product was available to the masses.

    At that time, the labels were still applied using manual labeling machines, which are now only used for private applications. Today, however, digital labeling machines are still used in industry and also in the retail trade. These are somewhat more flexible than their predecessors and can, for example, also print labels in different fonts. So self-adhesive labels have been in use for almost 100 years - and there's no end in sight.

    Produce like a pro!

    The special thing about production is the machines required for it. Since the label material is delivered on rolls, processed and then shipped again on rolls, certain web presses are required for the manufacturing process. These machines have been specially designed for label production and are precisely aligned for the production of our labels.

    This is how we at Palamo produce your individual labels
    The raw material for our labels is supplied on large roll sheets. These large rolls are also called "master sheets". In order to be able to process them appropriately, we use special machines, the already mentioned web presses. The supplied base material is unwound and printed on the machine. Then the individual labels are punched out. The excess material is peeled off and in the last step the finished labels are rewound into rolls. This is how the finished product is then delivered to you.

  • How To: The ordering process at Palamo
    We want to make the ordering process as flexible and easy as possible for you. But you don't have to do without our variety of options. Thanks to our smart configurator, you not only have full control over all configuration options of your desired label, but also over the costs associated with the order - the price is automatically adjusted after each change.

    In the first step, you must enter the order quantity. This starts with a quantity of 10 and goes up to an order quantity of up to 1,000,000 labels. In the next step you choose the shape of your label. As already mentioned, Palamo offers rectangular, round or oval labels.

    Once you have selected the basic shape of your label, you must now determine the exact size. As described above, you can choose between rectangular, round or oval labels with a margin of 20 mm in Width and height up to 314 mm in Width and 300 mm in height.

    In the next step, you can decide on the suitable material. Here you can choose from the following materials:

    - Adhesive paper, matt, permanent adhesive
    - PP adhesive film, white, permanent adhesive
    - PE adhesive film, white, permanent adhesive
    - Adhesive paper, matt, removable adhesive
    - Adhesive paper, matt, opaque, permanent adhesive
    - Adhesive paper, silver, permanent adhesive
    - Adhesive paper, gold, permanent adhesive

    Then you can determine the Colour of the print of your labels. Here you have the choice between 4-color Euroscale or 4-color Euroscale + white. In the field below you can select your additional finishing option, the treatment of your label with glossy or matt varnish.

    Now you can specify the winding of your labels. They are always delivered on a roll. If you apply your labels by hand, the Roll wind direction does not matter much. You can then simply keep the standardRoll wind direction (start of word at the beginning of the roll). If you use labeling machines, you should choose the Roll wind direction that fits your labeling machine. Here you have the following choices:

    - top of label off first (label on outside of roll)
    - bottom of label off first (label on outside of roll)
    - Left ahead (outside wound)
    - Right ahead (outside wound)

    After that you can choose in the next step if you want to use our print data check. We will carefully check your print data and inform you if any changes need to be made. The price of the additional print data check is displayed in the Smart configurator and added to the order price.

    Now you can determine in which time your order should be produced. Here you have the following options:

    - 20 business days + 2 business days delivery
    - 7-10 business days + 2 business days delivery
    - 5 business days + express delivery
    - 48 h hours + express delivery

    In the last step you have to select the country to which your delivery should be sent from the given list. Here you have the following options:

    - Germany
    - Austria
    - France
    - Italy
    - Poland
    - Netherlands
    - Belgium

    If you need help with your order or have any questions, you can always contact us by mail or phone. Our experienced service team will be happy to help you:

    Phone: +49 322 152 104 00

    You need more?
    At Palamo you can order not only labels, but also pouch packaging and boxes. Like all our other products, packaging is highly customizable and available in a variety of materials.
    For example, our pouch packaging is available in the following materials:

    - Foil white
    - Foil transparent
    - Foil silver / metallic
    - Foil white, 100 percent recyclable
    - Foil transparent, 100 percent recyclable
    - Natural paper brown
    - Natural paper white

    They can also be printed all over and are available in various sizes.

    We also carry a Width range of cartons: Our carton with tuck-in bottom can be made of E-flute or B-flute and thus has a carrying capacity of 7 kg and 14 kg respectively. The folding box can be ordered either from chromo cardboard or recycled cardboard. For faster handling, we also offer boxes with an automatic bottom, as well as special solutions for e-commerce. You can also find shipping bags made of paper and recyclable plastic in the Palamo range.

Need help configuring your products? Then contact our experienced service team. We will help you!