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Please enter the total quantity of your labels here. The smallest order quantity is 10 pieces.

Select the properties of your labels:

  • Form
  • Width (10 - 314 mm)
  • Height (10 - 700 mm)

The corner radius is always 2 mm!

The designation "4-color Euroscale" does not mean that only 4 colors can be printed. The colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) are mixed in the printing machine and result in your desired colors. The exception are special colors (Pantone / HKS), which cannot be printed true to the original. They are automatically simulated and may differ from the original color depending on the spot color and material.

Our digitally printed labels do not necessarily need a coating for protection! However, for the best performance in wet conditions and other environmental influences, we recommend a varnish or a protective laminate.

Standard production time is 10 business days, delivery is in 2 business days. There is also an option of express production and delivery in 5 working days or in 48 hours.

We work from Monday to Friday. The only exceptions are the German holidays.

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Printed labels on rolls

Printed labels on rolls

Table of contents

  1. Our printed labels master every challenge
  2. Our labels, your mission: A dream team!
  3. Palamo - Your partner in packaging
  4. A label rarely comes alone: our product selection
  5. There for you as you need them
  6. Refinement as the last step
  7. Frequently asked questions

  • Printed labels 

    Our printed labels are ideal for labeling a large quantity of products with the same inscription. The inscribed labels are especially suitable for highlighting your CI and product information. Use our smart configurator and order your printed labels from Palamo today!

  • Our printed labels master every challenge 

    High-quality labels are indispensable in many sectors of the economy as information carriers for communicating or as safety seals. Palamo's labels, for example, are at home in the chemical and food sectors and are a fundamental part of any packaging. 

  • Figures show just how relevant printed labels are. A graphic on the portal, based on values from the German Federal Statistical Office and the German Printing and Media Industries Federation, puts the production volume of printed labels in Germany at 1.364 billion euros for 2021.  

  • Depending on the area of application, printed labels fulfill different requirements. While it is important in the food industry that the labels do not leave any residue on the product or contaminate it, printed labels in the chemical industry must be resistant to oils, greases and chemicals.

  • Flawless legibility is the key property of such labels. It doesn't make much difference whether the labels are consumer information, advertising messages, or bar codes.

Labels materials Palamo

If your label becomes illegible due to abrasion or soiling, this can lead to considerable difficulties during transport, among other things. This is because printed labels provide information about where a package is to be stored, where it comes from and where it is being delivered. Inventory quantities are also updated by reading codes.

No matter what you want to use our labels for: You can always choose them to fit individual challenges . We are proud that our printed labels are true all-rounders.  


Our labels, your mission: A dream team!

Printed labels are universal and perform many different functions. 

Printed labels are universal and perform many different functions. 

Labels as information carriers 

You can use our printed labels in a variety of ways to display and communicate information. Especially for clear plastic packaging, they are usually the only way to communicate important facts to your customers. Examples are:  

  • Salad wrappers
  • Bottle for drinks
  • Glass container for medicines 

Labels on the underside of the packaging or container often provide information about what is contained in the product. In addition, you will find information on the expiration date or allergens on the printed labels. The example of the salad packaging also shows another use: its function as a safety closure.  

Labels that last 

Such packaging usually consists of a tray and a lid made of plastic. The two parts are not welded, but simply inserted into each other. So you can open the packaging very easily. However, the construction has a disadvantage: already during transport or in the supermarket, these products can be opened intentionally or unintentionally, which can lead to hygienic problems or a less fresh salad.   

The printed label therefore also serves as a security seal. It is stuck over the lid and the bottom of the packaging. In this way, visible traces are left behind when the package is opened. Consumers and supermarket employees can see directly from the torn label that the product has already been opened and can sort it out or not buy it. The same principle is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Safety labels are even required by law for pharmaceutical packaging. 

Attention for your products 

Printed labels are the perfect advertising medium. For many consumers, looking at the label is the first step in learning about the product. Cleverly placed advertising messages can create or reinforce purchase incentives and influence the brand image in your customer's mind. Printed labels also give you the opportunity to incorporate CI elements. 

Palamo - your partner in packaging

Palamo has set itself the goal of being your ideal partner when it comes to packaging. Among other things, the delivery time is of great importance.  

We are committed to ensuring that the products you order from us reach you as quickly as possible . In this way, Palamo as a partner helps you to deliver to your customers within short deadlines and to gain a small advantage over your competitors.  

As a manager, you are certainly aware of how important flexibility is. Therefore, we have also developed strategies to be particularly flexible for you. In concrete terms, this means that you can order smaller and larger batches of the product you need. At the same time, Palamo provides you with comprehensive and competent advice so that you can make the perfect choice - a high quality of service is one of our main concerns.  

Would you like to find out more about our range of folding boxes with tuck-in flap or do you still have questions about us and our services? Then contact us at any time! We will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions.

  • A label rarely comes alone: our product selection

    As mentioned earlier, labels are important for a wide variety of industries. Since you and other companies have different demands on our printed labels, we have a very wide product portfolio.

  • The ideal shape for your print

    A special feature of our tuck-in flaps is their very easy handling. This makes them very suitable for machine erection and manual unfolding. In our assortment we offer two different types of folding boxes with tuck-in flap, which differ in the positioning of their flaps. These are:

    • offset tabs,
    • offset tabs, mirrored
    • opposing tabs,
    • opposite tabs, mirrored

  • Palamo has three shapes for your labels to choose from: round, oval and square. For your final decision you should look at what you want to print and which of the variants fits best. For an oval or round logo you can choose the corresponding option of the label.

    At the same time, you can optimally adjust the selection to the shape of your product's packaging. For example, if you offer cosmetic products in round tins , this form of the label is suitable.

Labels on Stand-up pouch

You can choose rectangular labels for small packages or boxes
in the appropriate shape. However, depending on your individual
requirements, a round or oval label may also be suitable for such
packaging - especially if you want the contents of the label to stand out

Labels on round containers

In addition, you get at Palamo a choice between different winding directions of the labels. So there is the outer winding with us in each case with the beginning of the word and the end of the word ahead as well as with the foot end and the head end ahead.

  • The right decision here provides you with the basis for fast and trouble-free labeling of your products - especially if you use a labeling machine, which is common for larger product quantities. Before you order from us, check which variant fits your machine so that we can supply you with the perfect labels for your purposes.

The Roll wind direction is alternatively called running direction. This is basically a direction or position specification that arises from a movement and is only possible in one direction.
  • There for you as you need them

    The various applications and industries in which our printed labels are used show one thing very clearly: labels have to be flexible. And not just in terms of their shape, but also with regard to the material. Basically, we distinguish between paper labels and labels made of film. Both materials have individual advantages.

  • Paper labels

    Paper labels adhere to all surfaces - whether glass, cardboard, plastic or metal. The printed paper labels are available with a permanent or removable adhesive. You also have the choice between the variants matt, silver or gold - matt labels you can also choose in an opaque form.

    Think about which variant fits best with what we print for you on the labels. Maybe your customers already know the silver or gold color in your logo? Then the corresponding color variants are ideal for your purposes.

  • Foil labels

    When it comes to durability and use under difficult conditions, our film labels are just right for you and your products. They are resistant to moisture, oils, greases and other external influences and are very versatile.

    They are made of PP and PE film and are available in white. Both types are available with a permanent adhesive. They are ideal for example for chemical industrial products or for food.

Finished labels from Palamo

Refinement as the last step

To enhance and protect your printed labels, you can have them finished. A coating of varnish makes the labels more resistant to scratches and abrasion. The printed image also looks better.

The colors shine brighter and the details are even more visible to your customers. Depending on your needs, you can choose a matte or glossy varnish.

Labels production

Our varnish also helps prevent your labels from fading. In this way, you can ensure that the imprint does not fade or that stored information becomes illegible. This is important, for example, for labels on which barcodes or QR codes are printed. In addition, varnish ensures accessibility for information on products for seniors or people with visual impairments.

  • By the way: To ensure that we print exactly what you have in mind, upload your print data as a PDF file at the end of your order. This way, we can access your individual label design and deliver the perfect result. In order to compile the perfect print data, we have summarized some tips for you in our blog.

You have questions about our printed labels? Our team looks forward to answering them for you. Contact us today!

  • Frequently asked questions

  • How are labels delivered?

    Our printed labels are wound on rolls. This makes them easy to peel off and stick on. Palamo has a short production and delivery time. This is 7-10 working days. Alternatively, if it should be particularly urgent, you can get a production of the labels from us within 5 working days or 48 hours - in addition, there is then an express delivery.

  • Are printed labels suitable for logos?

    Our printed labels offer you versatile design options. One option you can use is to use the label to place your logo on the product. This way you can transport a central part of your CI and stay in the memory of your customers. 

If you are unsure which labels are best suited to your needs, please contact our team. We will help you!