Stand-up pouch

Our versatile and customizable Stand-up pouch preserve the flavor of your products and protect them from oxygen and moisture. Order your new bags in our smart configurator and we'll deliver them in 12 business days!

Best stand for your bags

Our Stand-up pouch are true all-round talents and are used in a wide variety of industries, for example in the food sector. Here they are particularly well suited for filling flavored, viscous, ground or even solid products. Our pouch packaging offers reliable protection against moisture, air and UV radiation. And not only that: they are stable, resealable and odorless as well as tasteless.

  • Stand-up pouch is made from a wide variety of materials. Composite film, plastic, uncoated paper with plastic or recyclable mono-material are particularly popular. Each individual material reveals properties and characteristics that guarantee you a packaging solution that always meets your needs for different projects. For example, if you want to package sweets or tea safely in your Stand-up pouch , our kraft paper bags are a very good choice.

    If you want to preserve the aroma, our Stand-up pouch will help you with an additional aluminum coating. This gives them a reliable barrier that prevents the aroma of coffee, spices or similar products from escaping. You can also use your Stand-up pouch made of kraft paper or other materials as ideal packaging for flour and other powdery foods. This also applies to tobacco or non-hazardous chemicals. In agriculture, for example, they are used to protect seeds.

  • What they can do...

    Stand-up pouch offer you several features and sales arguments as an individual packaging solution, which clearly speak for their use in many application scenarios.

  • Protective function

    Our Stand-up pouch protect the contents from damage, as well as external influences such as moisture and direct sunlight. In addition, some variants protect the aroma of your products through internal coatings.

  • Marketing function

    Palamo pouch packaging can also score in the marketing area. For example, you can have the front and back individually printed. In this way, our pouches communicate your advertising messages in a targeted manner. Or you can use them as a packaging solution for samples and giveaways.

  • Material diversity

    The range of materials extends from composites to kraft paper and recyclable plastic.

  • Design and finishing

    There are almost no limits to your creativity when it comes to the look. Printing makes your pouch packaging individual and sets it apart from the competition.

  • Functionality

    At Palamo you can also get Stand-up pouch, which have special properties. For example, sterilizability, microwaveability or perforations as a practical initial opening aid ensure high customer satisfaction.

Better to go straight to Palamo

The name Palamo stands for selected products, super service and a high level of consulting competence. We pursue the goal of making packaging for products more sustainable and avoiding packaging waste as much as possible.

In addition, cost-efficient short-run production and fast shipping make us your perfect partner for all packaging needs. You don't have to compromise on order volume either. Whether large orders without limit or small runs from 250 pieces - with Palamo everything is possible.

Would you like to find out more about our pouch packaging and our services? Call us now and let us inform you.

What do our Stand-up pouch do all day?

Stand-up pouch - also known as Doypack - can be used universally as packaging bags for a wide variety of products. You can use them to safely pack food, pet food, dietary supplements or even cosmetics and hygiene products. The high-quality Stand-up pouch from Palamo can be filled with solid and powdered products such as muesli, spices, dried fruit, nuts or granules, as well as with products in paste form.

  • Food industry

    The range of possible filling goods extends from dried fruits and muesli to nuts and tea to spices, tea and food supplements. Depending on the Doypack variant, you can fill your bags with powder, dry packets, pastes, capsules or even liquids. For special products such as superfoods or coffee beans, doypacks with valve closures or other closure types are recommended.

  • Cosmetics industry

    The Doypacks not only protect the cosmetics inside the bag, but also look elegant. This contributes significantly to a satisfying consumption experience. Pastes, perfume bottles, make-up or hygiene products make an excellent first impression in your stand-up pouches. This is ensured by high-quality materials, plenty of space for creative design ideas and a flawless print image.

  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

    Especially in this area, there are many products in the form of capsules, powders and pastes or ointments. With stand-up pouches from Palamo, you can choose a safe and reliable packaging solution. Just as in the food and cosmetics industries, Doypacks are among the most popular standard solutions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

  • Industry

    Occasionally, Stand-up pouch is also used in industry. You can use the bags for example as packaging for small components or screws.

  • Model making

    In a larger Doypack (e.g. 1,000 ml), you can safely store entire kits of small and easily assembled constructions. Here you benefit from the robustness, the light protection and the protection against moisture of our Doypacks.

  • Marketing

    Our Stand-up pouch are perfect for presentation purposes. With an individually matching design, you can attract attention with the Doypacks and communicate targeted advertising messages to the respective target group.

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