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You don't know yet which material is the right one for you? No problem, you can find out more HERE.

Production & Delivery

- 10 business days + 2 business days delivery
- 6 workdays + 2 workdays delivery
- 3 workdays + express delivery


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Feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.

Phone: +49 322 152 104 00

Please enter the total quantity of your folding boxes here. The smallest order quantity is 1 piece. For a sample you set the quantity to 1 - we will charge the costs with the first batch you order from us.

Your folding box can be printed on the outside in 4-color Euroscale (+ white). For printing on both sides, please contact our customer service.

The outside of your folding box needs a varnish or protective laminate. The varnish provides light protection for the printed image. The protective laminate offers greater protection against environmental influences and a special feel (matt / glossy / soft-touch).

You can choose a production time of 10 and 6 business days, delivery in 2 business days. The option of express production and delivery in 3 business days is only possible with the 280 gram GC2 cardboard.

We work from Monday to Friday. The only exceptions are the German holidays.

You can select the following properties of your folding box:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

Your specifications refer to the inner dimensions of the packaging. Please note that not all values can be combined with each other.

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Folding box with crash lock base

Folding box with crash lock base

Table of contents

  1. Pack products as if by themselves with automatic bottom boxes
  2. Customized automatic bottom boxes
  3. Palamo - you can rely on us
  4. One folding box, many options
  5. The right material for your requirements
  6. Finishing touches: refinement for your folding box

  • Folding boxes with automatic bottom 

    Our Folding box with crash-lock base helps you pack your products even faster. The glued bottom practically closes itself when the box is erected and is super stable. Use our smart configurator and look forward to a personalized and individual automatic bottom box from Palamo!

  • Products as from self packing with automatic bottom boxes

    Sustainable, individual, modern: Our folding boxes are made especially for you according to your wishes and dimensions and can be transported in a space-saving way when folded.

  • Our Folding box with crash-lock base is a special type of folding carton with tuck-in flap. The bottom of this model is particularly strong. This is due to the fact that the flaps are glued together in advance - so the bottom closes automatically during erection. Due to the high speed at which this process takes place, the automatic bottom is also called a flash bottom.

  • These boxes are particularly often used for products that require a robust bottom solution due to their high tare weight, as well as for serially produced goods that need to be packed particularly quickly and in large quantities.

Our team has made it their business to offer you the best possible folding box - you will already recognize this in the processing. The high stability of our folding box with the glued bottom flaps makes the packaging suitable for a wide range of applications.

So you can use our box not only for your non-food products such as cosmetics, and industrial items or pharmaceuticals. The folding boxes also offer you the possibility of packaging food and luxury goods such as wine and spirits bottles or heavier jars.

By the way, if you want to use the box to sell drinks, you should also make sure to choose the right bottle or can. We have summarized the available beverage packaging in our blog.

  • Customized automatic bottom boxes

    Palamo supplies you with folding boxes with automatic bottom according to your individual requirements. In addition to a large selection of formats and variants, sustainability is also important to us.

  • Boxes in many variations

    Are you looking for a Folding box with crash-lock base that you can print all over and equip with special features and various finishes? Then you've come to the right place!

  • The Folding box with crash-lock base have been designed by us so that they can be configured for you in the most diverse variations. So you can order your customized box from us today.

  • Large format selection and efficient storage

    For transportation and storage, our folding boxes with automatic bottom require very little space. This is because they are delivered in a folded state. Furthermore, you can order our boxes as you individually need it in portrait or landscape format.

  • Easy to handle

    Our folding boxes with automatic base are easy to handle, fully printable, stackable and particularly easy to open, fill, set up and close. The ease of use also gives you a very efficient packaging that makes everyday life in your business much easier. 

  • Sustainability for your boxes

    Another advantage of Palamo boxes is sustainability. So we make all our folding boxes from materials that can be recycled.

    Our grass boxboard is even made from grass paper that has already been recycled. So if you're going for an eco-friendly business model and that's an important part of your marketing, Palamo is the place to be.

Palamo - you can rely on us

We set the highest quality standards for ourselves. This applies to our products, but also to the service you receive from us. It is important to us that you always have a contact person who advises you on questions and concerns in a goal-oriented manner and looks for solutions with you.

In addition to advice, we offer you the Smart Configurator, with which you can very easily design and order our products according to your individual requirements with just a few clicks.

In order to make your cooperation as pleasant as possible, we will be happy to send you a free sample box on request, which comes from our previously produced editions.

If you need a specific sample according to your requirements, simply enter the appropriate criteria in the Smart Configurator and specify 1 when selecting the quantity. The corresponding costs will be charged when you order the first batch of these boxes from us.

Do you have any questions about us, our folding boxes with automatic base or our services? Then simply contact us! Our Palamo team will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you as required.

  • One folding box, many options

    Unlike almost any other type of packaging, our folding boxes offer great creative potential. In our online configurator, you can determine to the millimeter which format your Folding box with crash-lock base should have.

  • We give you a certain amount of freedom in choosing your box size. The minimum and maximum dimensions are a length of 30 to 300 mm, a Width of 30 to 198 mm and a height of 45 to 400 mm.

  • This variety makes the automatic bottom box particularly flexible. You can use it for larger products such as wine bottles and electrical appliances and smaller items such as jars, each of which have a high weight.

  • The dimensions of the glue tab and the tuck-in tabs are 8 to 25 mm. Since these dimensions refer to the inner dimension of the boxes, you should add 2 mm more than the corresponding product dimensions to your order in order to be able to pack your items in the box without lack of space.

  • The right material for your requirements

    Whether it's sustainability, your logo, the printed image, or merchandise protection that's most important to you, you'll find the right carton type in our configurator. The options we offer you are:

    - grass boxboard

    - white folding carton

    - brown natural cardboard

    - bright white cardboard

  • Each of these materials shines with individual properties and advantages. grass boxboard is known for a high level of sustainability because its production saves large amounts of CO2.

    At Palamo you can get this material in the recycled variant with a greenish, natural look. If you produce and sell organic wine, for example, this option is ideal for your purposes - not to mention that you would be betting on a real trend product.  

Hinged box in different varieties

White cardboard, on the other hand, can be found at Palamo in two variants: Firstly, with a grammage of 280 g/m². With this option, the material has a white front and a beige back. The variant with a grammage of 350 g/m² is white on both sides and roughened on the back.

You can use the white cardboard if you are looking for a simple look or if you like to have a lot of free space for more individual color designs on your automatic bottom box. The white provides an appropriate base and a contrast to the other colors, which means that your information and your logo will catch your customers' eye.

The brown natural cardboard resembles the grass boxboard, at least when looking at sustainable marketing. Thus, it also convinces with a natural look, which is created by its brown color.

The cardboard is smooth on the front side and rough on the back. With a grammage of 400 g/m² and a thickness of 0.56 millimeters, it is one of the heavier and thicker variants that you can find at Palamo.

Due to the white and smooth look on both sides, the bright white cardboard makes a particularly high-quality impression. This variant is therefore ideal for you if you sell particularly exclusive and high-priced products such as rare wines.
Natural cardboard hinged box

Finishing touches: refinements for your folding box

Our high-quality and sustainable Folding box with crash-lock base aim to stand out in the supermarket and generally offer your customers a special look. Packaging should ideally catch the eye of your potential customers and arouse interest.

That's exactly why it's important to pay enough attention to your packaging solution right from the start. For your company, we have already listed the best finishes in our Smart Configurator, with which you can visually enhance your folding box with just a few clicks.

This gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to equip your product with a matte, glossy or soft laminate. You can also choose a matte or glossy coating from varnish. In addition to the visual component, the finishes also serve a practical purpose. They protect your packaging from scratches and other external influences.

Our folding boxes with automatic bottom are always available to you in a wide variety of designs. No matter whether in landscape or portrait format, large or small, from one carton or the other. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.