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Production & Delivery

- 10 business days + 2 business days delivery
- 6 workdays + 2 workdays delivery
- 3 workdays + express delivery


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Please enter the total quantity of your folding boxes here. The smallest order quantity is 1 piece. For a sample you set the quantity to 1 - we will charge the costs with the first batch you order from us.

Your folding box can be printed on the outside in 4-color Euroscale (+ white). For printing on both sides, please contact our customer service.

The outside of your folding box needs a varnish or protective laminate. The varnish provides light protection for the printed image. The protective laminate offers greater protection against environmental influences and a special feel (matt / glossy / soft-touch).

You can choose a production time of 10 and 6 business days, delivery in 2 business days. The option of express production and delivery in 3 business days is only possible with the 280 gram GC2 cardboard.

We work from Monday to Friday. The only exceptions are the German holidays.

You can select the following properties of your folding box:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

Your specifications refer to the inner dimensions of the packaging. Please note that not all values can be combined with each other.

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Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps

Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps

Table of contents

  1. We introduce: The Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps!
  2. Folding boxes: Packaging for all cases
  3. That's why Palamo!
  4. One box, many models
  5. Materials that convince
  6. Perfectly finished folding boxes

  • Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps

    Our Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps helps you to pack your products easily and practically. The system allows you to put them together in a short time and at the same time you have a visually high-quality packaging material. Use our smart configurator and get your individual folding carton with tuck flap today!

  • We introduce, our Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps!

    In the goods trade, folding boxes with tuck-in flap are probably among the best known and at the same time most popular variants of box packaging. This is hardly surprising, since on the one hand they are practical and on the other hand they have a very good price-performance ratio compared to other packaging.

  • Our models with tuck-in flap are particularly suitable for light and medium-weight products. These include food and cosmetic items - the boxes are especially common for the latter.

You can also use them optimally for food supplements or medicines. If you sell other everyday products such as electronics or toys, this type of packaging is also ideal for your needs.

Folding boxes with tuck-in flap are industrially manufactured and supplied by us in a space-saving folded state . So you can work efficiently instead of wasting storage space for packaging materials standing around.


Folding boxes: Packaging for all cases

Available in many variations

Are you looking for a folding box that offers you enough space for important information for your customers and your advertising message? Then Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps is ideal for you. The option to have your own design printed on the folding box allows you to use it optimally for your marketing. From logos to individual slogans, there are virtually no limits to your creativity.

At the same time, you can choose between different materials. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the load capacity and stability to a certain extent to the weight of your product. In addition, the materials have a different color. You can use this to choose the box with the ideal color base for your design.

The materials you'll find at Palamo also offer you a particularly high level of sustainability. Among the options available at Palamo is grass boxboard, which is known for its extremely low CO2 emissions during production compared to other packaging.

That's why Palamo!

We place the highest demands on our customer service. This applies regardless of whether you want to order boxes, cartons or labels from us. Palamo is committed to providing you with the best individual result through expert advice. That's why we provide an end-to-end service that ensures your communication with Palamo remains efficient and leads to the desired result quickly and easily.

Similarly practical is an ordering process possible with us. You can customize all our products with the Smart Configurator and the choice between different features you will find there. This way you are always just a few clicks away from your desired packaging and you can use your time for your core tasks instead of time-consuming and complicated ordering.  

We support you in almost every situation. If you need a short run because you first want to test how your product is received, this is also possible with us. So you can get an appropriate number of packaging or labels for a very reasonable price, because Palamo always has the goal to produce as cost-efficiently as possible for you.

We also provide you with sample packages according to your wishes, which you can order by entering the number 1 and the features you want in the product quantity calculator. The cost of these will be added to your order when you place it. Samples of already produced packaging for a first impression are available free of charge upon request.

Would you like to find out more about our range of folding boxes with tuck-in flap or do you still have questions about us and our services? Then contact us at any time! We will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions.

  • One box, many models

    Folding boxes are available in various designs. The main differences are in the placement of the flap and in the dimensions.

  • The tab is what matters

    A special feature of our tuck-in flaps is their very easy handling. This makes them very suitable for machine erection and manual unfolding. In our assortment we offer two different types of folding boxes with tuck-in flap, which differ in the positioning of their flaps. These are:

    - Offset tabs,
    - Offset tabs, mirrored
    - Opposite tabs,
    - Opposite tabs, mirrored

Hinged box in different varieties

In the variant of folding boxes with tuck-in flap (offset flaps), the opening is arranged mirror-inverted. The lid thus opens to the rear, and the base folds out to the front. This design offers particularly high stability.

The same applies to the Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps model(offset tabs, mirrored), except that the opening directions are mirrored here - as you may have already guessed from the name.

So the lid does not open to the back, but to the front, and the bottom in the opposite direction. These boxes are even a little harder to open and are therefore suitable for packaging glass bottles, for example.

In addition, the variant on the lid offers a somewhat larger area for information and advertising messages. By the way: If your items are still a little heavier than a glass bottle, our folding boxes with a tuck-in bottom or automatic bottom are ideal for your purposes.

  • If you need a package where the bottom and lid open in the same direction, the Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps (opposite flaps) is the best choice. Here, the lid and base open to the rear. The model is especially convincing in that it can be assembled quickly and easily.

  • Both sides of our Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps (opposite flaps, mirrored) can be opened to the front. This gives you the maximum amount of potential advertising space that a Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps allows.

With this variety of products, Palamo ensures that you get the perfect packaging material for every application.
  • Possible dimensions of your folding box

    With a (within certain limits) flexible selection of dimensions, we give you a free hand in choosing the box format. The minimum and maximum dimensions for our Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps are a length of 15 to 300 mm and a Width of 8 to 198 mm.

    In addition, you can choose a height in a frame from 25 to 420 mm. Since all dimensions refer to the inner dimensions of the boxes, you should specify about two millimeters more in your order than the corresponding product dimensions of your item would actually require.

  • Materials that convince

    Our folding boxes have a particularly large and creative potential as a type of packaging, which you can fully exploit in our Smart Configurator. In addition to selecting the format for your folding box, you can also choose between different materials.

    One option is white cardboard. This material is available from us in a grammage of 280 grams per square meter (GC2) or 350 grams per square meter (GC1). Accordingly, both variants also differ in their thickness: While the GC2 card board has a thickness of 0.52 millimeters, the value for the GC1 cardboard is 0.57 millimeters. The material is fully recyclable in each case.

Natural cardboard hinged box

Our grass boxboard is particularly sustainable. The material is recyclable and is made from already recycled paper. Besides a thickness of 0.52 millimeters and a grammage of 350 grams per square meter, it offers you a natural look.

Our brown natural cardboard has a similarly natural effect. The front side is smooth, the back again rough. The material is 0.56 millimeters thick, making it one of the somewhat thicker options in our range. Like the other types of cardboard for your folding box, it is recyclable.

Due to its appearance, you can ideally use the brown natural cardboard if you want to sell particularly sustainable products. In this case, it contributes to an environmentally conscious overall image.

Do you envision a particularly classy look for your packaging? Then you should go for our bright white cardboard. At 450 grams per square meter, it has the strongest grammage and conveys a little luxury to your buyers. It also provides your products with comprehensive protection against external influences.

  • Perfectly finished folding boxes

    To make your product stand out to your potential customers, our team of experts will offer you the best finishes in our configurator. At Palamo, our goal is to deliver real value to our customers.

    In addition to our offers for the design and the free choice of format, we therefore offer you the possibility to enhance the look and feel of your packaging. You can do this by:

    - varnish
    - protective laminate

  • The Smart configurator offers you various options for the two options. You can choose between a matte and a glossy varnish finish. The latter gives your packaging a more sophisticated look, while the matte varnish is more discreet. Your choice is therefore best made depending on your product and your marketing strategy.

    Palamo offers you the same choice for the protective laminate, i.e. a film with which your folding box is coated. In addition to matte or glossy, you can go for a special feel with the soft-touch variant.

    Both options have several advantages for you and your customers. In addition to the visual appearance, they improve the print image of your packaging. You can use smaller fonts and place more information accordingly.

    In addition, the CI elements such as the logo are clearly more secure, which ensures a higher-quality overall image. Another advantage is the protection of your box from external influences. In this way, you can avoid scratches on your folding carton.

Whether in landscape or portrait form, large or small, with a finish, varnish or something else - our folding boxes with tuck flap are always available to you in a wide variety of designs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.