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Please enter the total quantity of your shipping cartons here. The smallest order quantity is 1 piece. For a sample, set the quantity to 1 - we will charge the cost to the first batch you order from us.

You can select the following properties of your folding box:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

Your specifications refer to the inner dimensions of the packaging. Please note that not all values can be combined with each other.

Your shipping box can be printed on the outside and inside in 4-color Euroscale (+ white). We print small runs in digital printing, large runs in offset printing.

The outside of your shipping box needs a varnish or protective laminate. The varnish provides a light protection of the printed image. The protective laminate offers greater protection against environmental influences and a special feel (matt / glossy / soft-touch).

Standard production time is 15 working days, delivery is in 2 working days. Express production and delivery is in 10+2 working days. We work from Monday to Friday. The only exceptions are the German holidays.

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Hinged lid box FEFCO 0427

Hinged lid box FEFCO 0427

Table of contents

  1. Simply and the best: Our hinged lid boxes type FEFCO 0427
  2. High potential, versatile use: packaging that simply rocks
  3. There's more for you at Palamo!
  4. Palamo: Your choice, our diversity
  5. Palamo packaging - the ideal material
  6. The finishing touch for your folding boxes
  7. FAQ

  • FEFCO 0427 - Hinged lid boxes from Palamo are real all-rounders

    Our hinged lid boxes help you to pack your products safely. At the same time, they are extremely practical to handle for you and your customers. Use our smart configurator and look forward to your individual carton with flap lid from Palamo!

  • Simply and the best: Our hinged lid boxes type FEFCO 0427

    It doesn't get any better than this: double side walls and side flaps for insertion make our type FEFCO 0427 hinged-lid cartons a stable, robust packaging solution that offers you numerous advantages. The base is firmly connected to all four side walls.

    You can open and close your hinged lid box with the help of two tabs that are attached to the outer edge of the lid. You simply insert them into the two slots on the longitudinal front of the box to securely close your packaging. To open, pull the two tabs back out of the slots.

FEFCO, by the way, is the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, whose original name was "Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondule". Today, the association is called the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers.


High potential, versatile use: packaging that simply rocks

High functionality with enormous marketing potential.

In addition to high functionality, the corresponding boxes from Palamo also have great marketing potential. With additional options such as individual printing, our hinged-lid boxes provide you with wide-ranging and attention-grabbing features. Our FEFCO 0427 packaging can be precisely tailored to your intentions. Among other things, you can achieve these effects:

- classic
- modern
- noble
- elegant
- chic
- extraordinary

You can use the hinged lid box from Palamo as product packaging in almost every industry and almost every area. They are also particularly suitable as gift packaging or for targeted product presentation.

There's more for you at Palamo!

Premium quality

When you choose a product from Palamo, you are relying on absolute top quality in all respects. Our boxes are always made of high-quality materials and offer excellent processing quality.

Individuality and flexibility

We offer you numerous options in terms of formats, layout or design, finishing and order quantity. This allows you to customize your hinged lid boxes and integrate a personal touch. This sets your packaging solution apart from the competition. At Palamo, you can be sure that the principles of sustainability and environmental friendliness are always in focus. To achieve this, we specifically use materials that have already been recycled or can be recycled.

Service and efficient processes

We see ourselves as a full-service company where you receive all services from a single source. Cost efficiency in production and delivery is also a high priority at Palamo. You benefit from lean processes and a fast and very simple handling of orders and payments. We stand for a comprehensive service character and a high consulting competence. If you want to know how our boxes look in reality, you have the option to order free sample boxes from our previous batches. Just contact our team directly. If you want to know more, you have the possibility to order a sample box. To do this, enter the characteristics you want in the Smart Configurator and set the number to 1. We will charge you for your sample box with your first order of hinged lid boxes.

We can produce both large and small runs for you cost-effectively. Just get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to inform you about your options.

  • Palamo: Your choice, our diversity

  • Length, height and Width of your folding box

    You can use our boxes made of corrugated cardboard for different application scenarios. You determine the size or the format. With us you will find a wide range of possibilities. You can configure the length of the box in a frame between 60 and 700 millimeters, the same values apply to the Width. In addition, you can choose an individual height between 15 and 250 millimeters.

Hinged box in different varieties

Versatile usability

With the boxes from Palamo you build on an ideal and versatile packaging. For example, you can use them perfectly for transport, storage, shipping and especially for the protection of your products. When choosing the material or the flute you should take into account for which items you want to use the hinged lid carton.

The EB-flute is suitable for shipping heavier goods, while the E-flute is more suitable as product packaging for light items. This means that you can sell and ship a wide range of goods, from light cosmetics to heavy books or even electrical products, by choosing the right folding carton. If you decide to use a flat shape, you can save a lot of space. In addition, we have designed all of our hinged lid models to be extremely practical, which guarantees you easy handling at all times.

The Roll wind direction is alternatively called running direction. This is basically a direction or position specification that arises from a movement and is only possible in one direction.
  • Palamo packaging - the ideal material

    Sustainability and environmental friendliness combined with quality and added value - that's exactly what you can expect from a hinged lid box from Palamo. With regard to the selection of our packaging materials and environmentally friendly disposal, we at Palamo take 100% responsibility. Accordingly, we are consistent in our approach. We have chosen these environmentally friendly product components. We use several variants of corrugated cardboard for the hinged lid boxes. This material has the advantage of being recyclable. The corrugations have different thickness and can be loaded with more or less weight accordingly. You can choose from:
    - E-flute
    - B-flute
    - EB-flute

Natural cardboard hinged box

Corrugated board E-flute

E-flute is the corrugated board with the lowest thickness that you can find at Palamo. Therefore, it is especially suitable for packaging lighter items, such as cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. It belongs to the category of fine corrugated.

We offer you this material in a white or more natural brown color. The flute has a thickness of 1.5 millimeters. At the same time, the load capacity of the material is up to 7 kilograms. Due to these properties, it is especially suitable for product packaging.

Corrugated board EB-flute

The B-flute , on the other hand, has a much higher thickness - to be more precise, at 3 millimeters it is twice as strong as the E-flute. Therefore, you can use it if you want to pack somewhat heavier products .

Folding cartons with B-flute can be used either as product packaging or as shipping cartons. In the latter case, they offer your products good protection. The cartons made of B-flute cardboard can bear a weight of up to 14 kilograms.

Corrugated board EB-flute

The EB-flute belongs to the double shaft category. In this material, an E-flute and a B-flute are glued on top of each other. Accordingly, it is the most resilient material that Palamo offers you for your boxes.

Folding cartons made of EB-flute can be optimally used as shipping packaging for heavier goods. The EB-flute has a load capacity of up to 32 kilograms. The thickness is 4.5 millimeters - the value is calculated by adding the two fine flutes.

  • The finishing touch for your folding boxes

    Even unprinted and without applications and decorations, our boxes with flap lids according to the FEFCO 0427 standard are real eye-catchers. They look noble, elegant and at the same time practical at any time.

    That's not enough for you? You want to give your Palamo hinged lid boxes a very special look? We can realize this idea for you at any time. We have various techniques for finishing your packaging in our portfolio.

  • Paint and laminate as optimizing features

    One of the two options is to apply a protective coating. Palamo offers you this option in a glossy and a matte version. You can choose according to the products you want to send with your folding box - after all, the look should match the image of your goods and your company.

    Alternatively, you have the option of applying a protective laminate. Here, you can also opt for a matte or glossy variant and additionally for the soft touch. The latter offers your customers a particularly exclusive feel. In addition to the positive effects on the appearance of your hinged lid carton, the finishes offer a certain degree of protection against external influences. For example, you can prevent your packaging from being scratched.

Have we piqued your interest? You are welcome to visit our website for further inspiration. Or you can simply call us directly. We always advise you competently and individually.

  • FAQ

  • How can I print on my hinged lid box?

    Palamo offers you versatile possibilities to print your hinged lid box. You can place the logo and various information on the outside. However, the option of printing on the inside of the lid is certainly particularly exciting. Here, for example, you can place greeting messages to the recipient and thus create a great surprise and improve the unboxing experience.

  • Can I also get a black or white hinged lid box from you guys?

    Of course! If you would like to use a white, completely neutral folding box, simply select the white variant at the respective flute . For a black cardboard box, we offer you the option of sending a corresponding design with which the packaging can then be printed entirely in this color. Independently of such a single-color print, you will find exciting information in our blog about what you should pay attention to when creating a print design.