Packaging is an important part of the marketing strategy. In this article, you'll learn why this is important for many industries and what opportunities are available.

The shipping box as an advertising medium

Marketing packing
Slogan and logos should be easily recognizable. 

Companies are keen to constantly increase their sales. Among other things, this also means expanding and increasingly professionalizing their own marketing. One option for this is to see the shipping box not only as a protective cover, but also as an advertising medium for one's own company.

We will look together at the advantages of this option for your company and the areas in which you can make good use of such solutions.

Marketing on the shipping box: How useful is this solution?

Making a shipping box look appealing from the outside is obviously important for marketing success. It must always be taken into account that the shipping labels can influence the overall impression. External circumstances during transport can also make the impression a little worse.

In the worst case, damage to the package occurs, which raises the question of liability. Therefore, the question always arises whether the external appearance of a box should always be associated with the company.

However, there are solutions to this problem in the form of finishes such as varnish or protective laminate, which ensure that the appearance of the box remains intact.

Therefore, you have the option to print the outside with various appealing content. These include, among others:

    • your logo
    • more CI elements
    • Product information
    • Company information
    • small greetings

Of course, the design of the inside of the packaging is also important. Here, companies can score not only with the quality of the merchandise protection, but also with the design.

Unboxing more and more in trend

Influencers are playing a growing role in marketing in many industries. They can actively or passively promote individual brands. Unboxing, i.e. unpacking products in front of the camera, plays a particularly important role here.

So if you work in a company that addresses a younger target group, it's important that even the unpacking of the shipments becomes an event. But even away from the much-clicked videos, a good and exciting packaging with surprise potentialcan inspire the individual customers.

So if you not only come across your product when you unpack it, but discover an experience or surprise in the packaging itself, you will remember the company more.

Shipping boxes are more than just a protective cover

If you think marketing further, you see more in shipping boxes than a simple protective cover. If you want to position yourself and your company optimally with customers, a lot of content has to mesh together. The shipping box can be one of the central pieces of the puzzle that conveys a brand message.

Attractively designed shipping boxes with a stable closure system, sustainable production and, above all, an individual design can convince customers of your company and its services.

While they are no substitute for first-class products, they do contribute to a successful shopping experience. High-quality packaging therefore enhances the contents in equal measure.

Now let's take a look at what elements of shipping packaging you can customize and where the focus can be.

Infographic: Packaging reach

The inside of the cover - greetings and more

After opening a shipping box, the view falls not only on the contents of the box, but also on the inside of the lid. This is a large area that can be put to good use. It offers you plenty of space to place greeting messages, for example.

A personal customer approach ensures a direct connection with the buyer. Depending on the company and product, brand messages, instructions or other elements can also be placed on the inside of the lid. Thanks to modern printing technology, a wide variety of options can be realized.

It is important to use messages that go beyond pure advertising. Additionally, you should make sure to keep the brand standing and your brand message in mind.

Above all, however, the approach must fit the target group. After all, you usually address young adults differently than people in the later stages of their lives.

The better the wording and the target group match, the greater the expected effects. You can also consider other aspects: For example, choosing the right typography can have a noticeable impact.


The font should be the font in the corporate design. Often, the font can also be chosen to match the product range.


Effectively use the inside of the bottom of the box use

The bottom of a shipping box, in particular, is an excellent place to present your company. Customers take the ordered goods out of the box and underneath, for example, the logo of your company and its contact details appear.

So if your customers have questions about the product, they have the opportunity to contact you directly. At the same time, you can arouse positive emotions. A happy customer, who just holds an attractively designed package in his hands and then takes the desired product, is certainly excited about it.

This emotion is then associated with your company when looking at the logo and the name of the company. The more such connections are created, the better customer loyalty can succeed.

Importance of colors and contrasts

Colorful packaging
Packaging can also be colorful, depending on your needs.

A plain design is not always the best choice. Sometimes it can also be colorful. In this case, it is advisable to rely on a uniform concept. If a corporate identity has already been established and it includes colors, these should be chosen for the interior of the packaging.

Especially in combination with the company's logo, this offers even more points of contact for the emotional memory of your customers. It is also important that the imprints are clearly recognizable. For this reason, you should focus on contrasts and good legibility.

Thanks to the wide range of colors and modern technology, it is possible to create very appealing contrasts that do not overwhelm the viewer's eyes. When your corporate design and the interior design of the packaging look like a unified whole, this makes a special impression on customers.

Customer loyalty through small gimmicks

Of course, the inside of the box and its bottom should be designed to match the target audience in terms of the way it is addressed. If the wording in combination with the style and typography meets the taste of the target group, the chances are very good that customers will appreciate the company's efforts.

And those who feel appreciated by your company will be happy to buy from you again. For example, if you include a discount code for the next order, you can influence customers to choose your company and products again for their next purchase. As you can see, customer loyalty can be strengthened in various ways.

Particularly creative possibilities

The longer customers engage with the shipping box, the better the brand message can be remembered. It's also important that customers feel entertained. So why not focus on more than just advertising? Small puzzles inside the box are a great way to keep your customers engaged.

Those who sell mainly products for children, can design the packaging so that it serves for crafts or as a coloring template. The possibilities are very diverse. The important thing is that your customers use the shipping packaging for as long as possible.

This makes the name and logo much more memorable, which has a lasting positive effect on customer loyalty, among other things. Above all, however, the pastime and the positive mood are always associated with your company.


The longer customers engage with the company, the more present it remains in their memory. Positive connotations are important here.


Conclusion: A well thought-out marketing concept includes shipping packaging

If your business (whether in the B2C or B2B segment) wants to be holistically compelling with its marketing, you should consider using shipping packaging as a marketing tool.

High-quality yet safe packaging made from sustainable materials becomes a business card for your company with matching colors and imprints.

It is important to focus on the right approach to customers in order to achieve maximum success. Good planning and advice from the relevant material experts should not be ignored here.

Overall, the trend in many industries is towards a more comprehensive marketing concept. The cost-benefit factor for this type of shipping packaging should therefore not be disregarded.


Isn't packaging with an extensive marketing concept much more expensive?

Those who use high-quality packaging invest in the safety of their own products during shipping. Individual colors and prints hardly increase the price in quantity. Both aspects can have many advantages for marketing.

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